By TWD Invest

November 25, 2020 | TWD Invest

Riding the Waves of the Economy: Australia’s Recovery

The team at TWD Australia invites you to our latest webinar titled Riding the Waves of the Economy: Australia’s Recovery with Brian Nash;  Investment Committee Member.

Brian discusses how elevated uncertainty has the potential for higher market volatility and how Australia has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rebuild the economy.

The webinar will cover the following key points:

  • Although the worst of the recession is behind us, why do activity levels remain well below normal?
  • What effects do reserve bank policy decisions have on asset returns?
  • Abundant provision of liquidity from central banks
  • Many major economies entered the early-cycle phase of recovery, what does this mean for the future?
  • Which Australian sectors will be the key winners from the restart of the economy?
  • Which parts of the economy will be unaffected by restarts?

Listen and watch the free webinar here.

Words by TWD Invest .