By TWD Australia

December 12, 2017 | News

A Moment with Andrew Quin, Senior Investment Manager

TWD has recently welcomed Andrew Quin to the team as our Senior Investment Manager. A graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Andrew brings with him a wealth of experience, including 11 years as a Research/Strategy Coordinator for Patersons, and 15 years prior working in trade and commodities. Quin is also the recipient of the Sir Charles Court award for excellence in Export Economics.

His interest in the financial world started long before he chose to pursue a Master of Science in Economics at Curtin University. At an age when many are content to spend their casual wages on toys, he began investing in the stock market.

“When I was 15 years old … I used to ask my Dad to put on stock trades for me with money I earned working on the holidays,” he says.

“In those days, you could buy stocks at one cent. I would bid one cent, wait for ages to pick the stock up, and immediately put the stock back on the market at two cents,” Quin recalls. “This would drive Dad’s stockbroker crazy, as it was a slow process.”

Later in life, Quin started trading into the US when other people simply weren’t looking at that market, leading him to publish the 2005 book, Investing on Wall Street. Published by John Wiley and Sons Australia Ltd, the practical guide earned him praise from the Australian Investors Association.


In 2006, Andrew joined Patersons, the Australian full-service stockbroker, which manages approximately $16 billion in client funds. As Research/Strategy Coordinator, he worked within macroeconomic analysis, portfolio construction and stock recommendations for superannuation. During his time at the firm, he also helped to build their direct trading business in the US and other global markets.

What can you expect from our new Senior Investment Advisor?

Upon joining TWD as our Senior Investment Manager this year, it’s clear our clients already appreciate his well-considered and intelligent approach to managing investments. For one, Andrew is a strong advocate of dividend compounding. He’s quick to explain the benefits of reinvesting regularly paid dividends, highlighting this attractive approach to the stock market.

Andrew has a firm understanding of market structures and factors that derive market conditions. In joining TWD, he’s looking to develop an ordered approach to asset allocation, though an investment committee and due diligence structure.

We understand your needs are changing, for example, with many clients leaning towards impact investing: opportunities which have a socially positive or environmental focus. The current generation is also more concerned about security into the future, with technology driving those concerns. Andrew is looking to build packages of alternative asset classes that are flexible with your wishes.

He’s an advocate for bringing a theme-based recommendation approach to portfolios, including impact investing, dividend compounding and disruptive technology. One way he aims to improve confidence for advisers and clients is to develop a due diligence process for the TWD’s recommendations in alternative asset classes.

But it’s not all about work. In his spare time, you’ll often find Andrew enjoying the waters of Bunker Bay with his family.

“Family are the core of a happy life,” says the father of two. He knows that building value in life extends far beyond the numbers on a balance sheet. Also important for him? “Security, because it is a base for growth, and freedom because it offers exciting choices.”

Andrew is personally available to you for investment advice and is looking forward to meeting you. To find out more about Andrew and to read some of his financial market observations, connect with him on LinkedIn. Or, contact TWD on 1300 983 000 to make an appointment.

Words by TWD Australia.