Underpinning our investment advice is a disciplined, process-driven approach to investing, plus rigorous research backed by our expert Investment Committee.



Expect the most up-to date innovations in portfolio management, with an efficient and streamlined operating system, including:

  • Portfolio Administration
  • Trade Execution
  • Full Reporting
  • 24/7 Secure Online Portal

Responsive, accessible
and accountable by nature

Build an informed portfolio with confidence. Our Investment Committee meets regularly to assess opportunities and risks across global markets, and set appropriate asset allocations and investment strategies for TWD clients.

We look beyond cash and shares to ensure an array of choices are available to complement both your existing portfolio and the dynamic nature of changing markets.

We work with your TWD Advisory team and apply the insights of our Investment Committee to tailor advice to your specific circumstances.

TWD Invest partners with you on your investment journey we will provide real-time recommendations on buying and selling investments and make informed decisions for your portfolio.

Abby Macnish

Meet Abby,
your Chair of the Investment Committee

Abby Macnish is responsible for providing portfolio investment solutions for advisers and clients across all products and client segments.
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Leadership Team

Troy MacMillan

Troy MacMillan

Chief Executive

Graeme Hyland

Graeme Hyland

General Manager

Trade Investment Team

Michael Ron

Michael Ron

Investment Analyst

Clair Hayes

Clair Hayes

Trader, Investment Team

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